About Us
Spetskompetens Europa AB is founded and managed by Larsson family from 2011. Our company is consistent of high-quality workforce for small and big companies.
With the most experienced individuals in the industry, Spetskompetens Europa is the construction staffing firm employers and tradesmen trust.
Spetskompetens Europa prides itself on providing you with a higher level of customer service in order to build long-term client relationships.
Whether you’re a corporation, small-business or private entity looking to hire new talent, Spetskompetens Europa has the resources you need.
Spetskompetens Europa can offer you far-most relaiable and competitive pricing to keep you and budged and on track.
Spetskompetens Europa helps you to eliminate; Payroll, Taxing, Unemployment, Benefit, compensation and Liability costs.
Worry free
Spetskompetens Europa helps you eliminate, stress and time spent on hiring and releasing employees, verifying and assuring quality of each resource.

Give us a call to find tailored solution for you

Founder and head of board of Spetskompetens Europa AB welcomes all contacts regarding partnerships and new ventures.

+46 70 3777 877 info@spetskomp.se

Natalja Larsson CEO

Our main accountant is able to answer on all questions related to economics of Spetskompetens Europa AB

+46 72 5021 676 finance@spetskomp.se

Annica Helgesson CFO

Chief Sales Officer who's been with us since beginning and knowing precisely how to tailor and meet your needs with our resources and means.

+46 70 2410 761 christer@spetskomp.se

Christer Andersson CSO

Highly experienced head of Spets Plåtslageri division, welcomes all contacts regarding tinsmiths and projects related.

+46 72 5250 305 michael@spetskomp.se

Michael Billmer Spets Plåt

Highly experienced head of Spets VVS division, welcomes all contacts regarding plumbers and projects related.

+46 72 5250 570 lenny@spetskomp.se

Lenny Ring Spets VVS

Our resource manager and planner. Speaks freely four languages and anwsers on all questions related working for Spetskompetens Europa AB

+46 73 6374 797 team@spetskomp.se

Taavi Suikkanen HRM

This is what we do

Steel sheet work


Temporary Staff Rental